There is a broken plate, don’t throw it away, it can still be repaired! Here’s the way

Melamine or also known as melmac is the most popular material used for tableware. Discovered by a researcher from Germany in 1830, melamine was once very popular in the era of the 30s to 70s.

At that time, melamine tableware was considered the most fashionable and prestigious tableware. Although it is said that it cannot be broken or scratched, due to certain conditions, melamine tableware can also break or crack. Depending on the level of damage, melamine tableware can also be repaired.

Although, the durability wouldn’t be as strong as when the condition wasn’t broken. In this article, you will find out how to fix broken melamine tableware.

Melamine is very popular because it has a ceramic-like presentation and has a very strong resistance. However, melamine is not a material that is 100% resistant to friction and scratches.

So under certain conditions, melamine products can also be damaged and result in the presentation becoming unsightly or unusable. However, Monggo Shares friends need to know, there are ways to repair broken melamine tableware. Although basically, the various repair methods are not improving it as a whole but minimizing its appearance.

After being repaired, melamine utensils should also be more focused, especially when washing dishes. Never put a freshly repaired melamine product in the dishwasher, always wash it manually by hand.

That’s the info on how to repair broken melamine tableware, hopefully it can help Monggo Shares friends in repairing broken or cracked melamine tableware, hopefully it’s useful.

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