Hoa Minzy bored fans because of a series of scandals

Referring to Hoa Minzy, the audience will immediately remember a talented female singer of Vpop. Possessing a powerful voice, a humorous personality, but interwoven are the times when Hoa Minzy caused waves because of a series of “heavy” scandals. A series of scandals spanning Hoa Minzy’s career can be mentioned such as: noisy love with Cong Phuong, breaking into the backstage of the show with BTS. But the most memorable are the two scandals that show star attitudes to fans.

Specifically, in the clip shared in October 2018, the head FC of Hoa Minzy had a grumpy, loud attitude towards some fans in the wrong position. Meanwhile, Hoa Minzy stepped out from the car with a rather cold attitude and did not show any interest in the case of FC chief shouting at other fans.

Immediately after that, the audience immediately criticized Hoa Minzy’s attitude, saying that the female singer was suffering from star disease when she ignored everything. Not long after, Hoa Minzy responded on her personal page, claiming that she has never had a star attitude, and apologized to the audience.

Not long ago, the old painting did not settle until the new one came to an end when Hoa Minzy released music products in early January 2019. One fan commented on Hoa Minzy’s products: “When you officially debut, leave a high beat like this and it will definitely become a hit. Don’t change the beat or undercut. “. In response, Hoa Minzy said: “The second time I want to tell you not to teach me what to do”.

Hoa Minzy’s response made the online community extremely outraged, even many fans could not defend it. The female singer’s manager then said that this was just a joke from Hoa Minzy, but the reaction of the audience still did not change much. It was even revealed that a Hoa Minzy fan group on Facebook originally had 3,000 fans, dropped to… 67 people after a series of scandals from the female singer.

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