In the past, only toys were made, apparently the withdrawals were valued at Rp. 14 million per kg if they were sold abroad

When you were a child you might often look for this animal named Retreats in the sand area.

Then you will put it in your hand after which it will walk backwards like its name.

Usually these animals live in sand, in the form of small bunkers, to get them we need to stir the sand so that these animals get out of the nest.

However, as an adult, maybe you have forgotten about this animal or maybe today’s children don’t know this animal because they are more busy playing gadgets.

Apparently, this animal is now one of the prey because it is believed to have extraordinary properties.

Withdrawal, this animal insect usually preys on other smaller insects such as ants.

If you are an animal that gets into the sarng it is difficult to escape because it is bitten with its strong jaws.

This animal has now become rare because many people hunt it.

In fact, this animal is now one of the herbal medicines in China and is called very rare.

Several social media platforms and online shops sell these animals at high prices, especially in China.

They sell from 10 grams and contain 69 animals, which means a pound of these animals fetches up to thousands of dollars.

Retreat house.
Retreat house. (Toutiao)

According to a website in Toutiao, about 1 kilogram of this animal is valued at around 7,000 yuan, or about Rp. 14 million.

According to belief, these animals are used as a basis for Chinese medicine, said to have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, spreading phlegm and diuretic.

Also has properties to treat high blood pressure, gallstones, and other diseases.

It can be said that this animal has a strong appeal because of its price and high profits, this animal is now very difficult to find because it is increasingly rare.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, these animals are also believed to have properties to cure various diseases such as asthma, gout, and various types of health problems from mild to severe.

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