In the past, I was forced to ask for a marriage, after giving birth to a disabled baby and then divorced

The story of a young mother in Surabaya who gave birth to a deformed baby and then divorced her husband is really heart-breaking. Since the beginning of dating, Dina Oktavia (21) admitted that her relationship with Muhammad Abdul Aziz (23) did not get the blessing of her husband’s parents. Economic factors and social class of Dina’s family contributed to the absence of this blessing.

“At that time I had reminded me not to continue this relationship, but my husband didn’t want to. In fact, my husband once shouted that I would be willing to marry him, this made me melt, ”said Dina, Sunday (1/12/2019).

Former customer service at the largest electronics store in Surabaya, and this donut shop employee finally got married in 2018 at the age of 20.

After getting married and finally pregnant, Dina decided to stop working and focus on her first pregnancy.

Having “hitched a ride” at her father-in-law’s house, for one reason or another, finally Dina decided to live again with her mother and her third sister in her tenement in the Jojoran area.

In her 2 × 6 meter tenement, Dina was twice bitten by a mouse on her leg when she was five months pregnant. Even bleeding. Had been examined by a doctor, only given topical medicine only.

“In my house there are a lot of rats. Understandably, the environment is slum. Even when it rains, the floor floods because the roof is leaking, ”said Dina.

It was because of being bitten by a mouse when Dina was pregnant, most likely the reason the baby was born with this condition. “Said the doctor who had examined me and Pandhu, that’s how it was,” he said.

Because during pregnancy, Dina admitted that she never took drugs when she was sick or consumed excessive food such as seafood or grilled fish.

“It’s difficult to eat everyday, how can you buy seafood or grilled fish,” said Dina.

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