Wife hysterical when invited by husband to shop, money Rp. 29 million in motorcycle seats disappeared

A resident named Gunadi (51) in Mojokerto, East Java, lost tens of millions of rupiah that had just been taken by a bank.

The incident began when the victim rode with his wife and child shopping at a minimarket last Wednesday (8/4/2020). Before shopping, Gunadi took Rp. 29 million from Bank BCA Mojosari, Mojokerto Regency.

As reported by Beritajatim.com, Gunadi put tens of millions of money on the motorcycle seat. But unexpectedly, the money that was in the seat of the Honda Scoopy motorbike nopol S 5618 NAQ was not there when his wife was about to take it.

The victim admitted that he had just entered the minimarket for about 5 minutes and his wife intended to take money to pay for groceries. However, the Rp 29 million that had just been taken from the bank was not in the seat of the motorbike which was parked in front of the Jalan Pemuda minimarket, Seduri Village, Mojosari District.

“Around 10.00 WIB, I stopped by the minimarket after leaving the bank. The money that I just took from the bank, amounting to Rp.29 million, I put my seat and I walked in about 5 minutes to the minimarket. I knew that the money was lost after my wife shouted when she wanted to take the money, ”he said, Saturday (11/4/2020).

It is suspected that the perpetrator was quite professional, because the victim admitted that he only entered the minimarket for about 5 minutes. It is suspected that the perpetrators had been following the victim at the bank so that the perpetrators knew where the money was kept by the victim. After the incident, the victim immediately reported to the Mojosari Police Headquarters.

“Yes, it could be (the perpetrators were following). Come to think of it, why did the perpetrator even know, if we had money in our motorcycle seats. So, my suspicion is that it has been being followed since we took the money from the bank. After the incident, I immediately reported to the Mojosari Police, “he said.

Separately, the Head of Sub-Section for Public Relations at Mojokerto Police, Ipda Tri Hidayati confirmed that there were reports from victims.

“We are still investigating. We are still asking for statements from witnesses. Including looking for CCTV footage,” he said.

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