Embracing Each Other, Without Plastic Covered Bed, Two Orphans Sleeping In The ATM Room

Two children were seen sleeping barefoot, covered in plastic. The two of them are seen hugging each other. To the point of attention, the two children slept in the ATM booth.

The photos attracted the attention of netizens after being uploaded by Maulana Ishak’s account in the Indonesian Muslim Community Group on Saturday (14/10/2017) yesterday.

I got information from one of my friends. Delivered last night my friend met the 2 children who were sleeping at the GALUR CEMPAKA PUTIH gas station ATM where my friend was shopping for ingredients. Both of these children turned out to be orphans of their father and they died due to illness. Then my friend invited these two children to an orphanage. But these children refused because they wanted to earn money on the street by collecting empty bottles & used cardboard boxes .. What an unfortunate fate these two children are..the younger siblings are 4thn and the older brother is 7 years old. Hopefully there are friends who are around or are stopping around, maybe they can share with these less fortunate children.

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