As a result of injection contraception, this woman’s uterus is swollen to infection, she also warns about the dangers of having birth control without menstruation

Every contraceptive method has side effects, especially hormonal contraceptives. The contraceptive injection every three months is a form of hormonal contraception that contains progestin, a hormone that resembles the progesterone hormone produced by the ovaries.

After being injected, progestin has the effect of thickening the cervix so that it is difficult for sperm cells to move towards the uterus. This hormone also prevents ovulation and makes the uterine wall unfavorable for a fertilized egg.

The performance of this hormone has side effects for the body. If you are considering using birth control injections, be aware of the side effects first. You can read the article about 3 months of family planning injections to understand more about birth control injections.

Or, have you used birth control injections and experienced some side effects? Read the explanation below to find a solution!

  1. Understand Changes in the Menstrual Cycle

This is the most common side effect. Birth control injections can cause changes in the menstrual cycle, both being longer and shorter.

At first use, there is prolonged menstruation, spots (spotting), then menstruation will become infrequent or stop altogether. About 40% of users stop menstruating after one year of use.

This is a harmless side effect so nothing to worry about. Stopping menstruation does not mean that menstrual “dirty blood” has accumulated.

Hormonal contraceptives suppress the thickening of the uterine wall which usually sheds in the form of menstrual blood, so that there is no “blood” to be shed.

  1. Adjust the Diet and Exercise So that the Body Weight Does not Increase

The increase in body weight in KB injection acceptors ranged from 1-2 kg per year. The reason is that the progestin hormone in birth control injections can increase appetite by affecting the appetite control center in the hypothalamus.

If you are above normal weight, or have a history of obesity, you should adjust your diet and get plenty of exercise to keep your body weight ideal.

  1. Understanding Fertility Time

Unlike the case with IUDs, implants, and birth control pills, users of contraceptive injections must be a little patient when planning a pregnancy again. After the use of birth control injections is stopped, fertility will return up to 10 months later or sooner.

One cannot predict how long it will take for fertility to return because the effect on each person is different. Meanwhile, users of IUDs, implants, and birth control pills can immediately return to fertility after removing the device or stop taking birth control pills.

This is quite normal because the drug release effect has not been exhausted. If you want to plan a pregnancy, you should stop using birth control injections several months in advance.

  1. Siasati With Lubricant If The Vagina Is Dry During Sex

One of the ways the hormone progestin works is to thicken the mucus in the vagina. In addition, injections of progestins can convert carbohydrate-containing foods into fat, which is difficult to react to water.

This means that the more fat in the body, the less water will be in the body. This has an effect on the vagina becoming drier.

This condition can cause pain during sexual intercourse. If left too long, this can lead to decreased sexual desire.

You can work around this by doing longer foreplay (heating before intercourse) or using a lubricant (lubricant) to reduce pain due to friction. If you and your partner are still uncomfortable, consult a medical professional about the possibility of changing the contraceptive method.

  1. Consult a Doctor If Experiencing Headaches, Breast Pain, and Mood Changes

The three effects above are the side effects of hormonal changes after the injection of progestins into the body. In some women, mood swings and anger is more frequent than usual.

All of the above side effects, including dizziness, breast tenderness, lightheadedness, are not symptoms of any particular illness but are purely due to hormonal changes. Although it is quite common, not all users of birth control injections experience it.

To reduce pain, you can take paracetamol. However, if it is very disturbing, consult a midwife or obstetrician.

  1. Conduct Scheduled Consultations To Control Bone Density

Research shows that the use of birth control injections for a long period of time can lead to bone thinning which eventually leads to decreased bone density (osteoporosis).

Therefore, users are advised to consult health workers every two years.

  1. Always Maintain Facial Cleanliness If Acne Arises

Hormonal changes that occur due to birth control injections can cause skin disorders, such as acne. Progestin hormones can cause excessive secretion in the oil and fat glands on the face.

The effect, acne occurs as a result of clogged pores. To reduce the possibility of acne, keep your face clean by regularly washing your face before going to bed to remove any residue of make up or dirt that sticks to it after activities.

  1. Avoid PMS By Using Condoms

Contraceptive types of contraceptive injections are only able to prevent pregnancy, but do not provide protection from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Therefore, if you are worried about getting an STD from a partner, you should use a condom when having sex.

You should consider changing your type of contraception if menstrual irregularities occur after several months of normal or no menstrual periods. Likewise with headaches.

If the headache that appears is a migraine that begins with visual, sensory, speech, or movement / motor disturbances, consult a health worker for a safer choice of contraception.

However, when you or your partner feel uncomfortable with the side effects of birth control injections, even though they are normal, you can still choose other types of contraception.

Why Your Friends in High School Will Be Your True Friends Forever

Three years in high school is one of the most beautiful periods of our lives. We were very young then, though arrogant enough to believe that we were so mature. Your overflowing enthusiasm at this time is always supported by people who you call friends. They know you inside out, and you know them like brothers.

Your friendship has gone through many beautiful moments, both the joys, sorrows, and silliness of teenagers. No wonder you are still in a good relationship until now. Even sometimes, in between each other’s busyness, you still take the time to just hang out and laugh at funny stories from the past. But, have you ever asked why they are still there in your heart today? Why can your relationship with friends in high school be maintained?

Maybe, here are some reasons why the best friends you met in high school will be your true friends forever:

  1. You and them grew up together. From junior high school kids who barely know anything, you guys have become more mature individuals

It was with your high school friends that you grew up together. Experiencing various teen turmoil such as falling in love, studying, organizing, all the high school romance you experienced with them. Even though you were only together for 3 years at the same school, you were able to develop rapidly into a much more mature person at the end of your school days. Even you who were innocent for 3 years have become not as innocent as before. It is with them that you feel the true meaning of friendship.

  1. Your friends from high school were by your side when you broke your heart for the first time

At that time, you were young and inexperienced about romance. Once upon a time there was a time when you felt a painful heartbreak that was the first time you experienced it. But your high school friends are always by your side and helping you through that time. They do not hesitate to comfort you and give you a place to lean on. Your beautiful friendship has succeeded in making you forget the pain that has hit. They can always make you strong, no matter what.

  1. They are friends who never judge you. However “naughty” you are, they still accept you for who you are

You and they have had that wonderful time together. They know everything about you, your good and your bad. But they are people who are always open to always accept you as you are. When other people judge you and think you are not good, they are the ones who still embrace you regardless of the situation.

  1. It is your friendship with them that fosters a sense of pride in your hometown

You have had a heyday in your friendship, that’s when you found happiness. The sense of pride in your friendship also fosters a sense of pride in your hometown. Not only that, you are also proud of where you go to school. You find a deep and meaningful sense of belonging to that city that has stored various memories of your old school days.

Wife hysterical when invited by husband to shop, money Rp. 29 million in motorcycle seats disappeared

A resident named Gunadi (51) in Mojokerto, East Java, lost tens of millions of rupiah that had just been taken by a bank.

The incident began when the victim rode with his wife and child shopping at a minimarket last Wednesday (8/4/2020). Before shopping, Gunadi took Rp. 29 million from Bank BCA Mojosari, Mojokerto Regency.

As reported by, Gunadi put tens of millions of money on the motorcycle seat. But unexpectedly, the money that was in the seat of the Honda Scoopy motorbike nopol S 5618 NAQ was not there when his wife was about to take it.

The victim admitted that he had just entered the minimarket for about 5 minutes and his wife intended to take money to pay for groceries. However, the Rp 29 million that had just been taken from the bank was not in the seat of the motorbike which was parked in front of the Jalan Pemuda minimarket, Seduri Village, Mojosari District.

“Around 10.00 WIB, I stopped by the minimarket after leaving the bank. The money that I just took from the bank, amounting to Rp.29 million, I put my seat and I walked in about 5 minutes to the minimarket. I knew that the money was lost after my wife shouted when she wanted to take the money, ”he said, Saturday (11/4/2020).

It is suspected that the perpetrator was quite professional, because the victim admitted that he only entered the minimarket for about 5 minutes. It is suspected that the perpetrators had been following the victim at the bank so that the perpetrators knew where the money was kept by the victim. After the incident, the victim immediately reported to the Mojosari Police Headquarters.

“Yes, it could be (the perpetrators were following). Come to think of it, why did the perpetrator even know, if we had money in our motorcycle seats. So, my suspicion is that it has been being followed since we took the money from the bank. After the incident, I immediately reported to the Mojosari Police, “he said.

Separately, the Head of Sub-Section for Public Relations at Mojokerto Police, Ipda Tri Hidayati confirmed that there were reports from victims.

“We are still investigating. We are still asking for statements from witnesses. Including looking for CCTV footage,” he said.

Returning from Jakarta, 1 Person Spread Coronavirus to All Family in Padang

A total of six residents of Padang, West Sumatra from two families were confirmed positive for the corona virus disease (COVID-19). So that until now the number of positive patients is 25 people.

Two positives who are in West Padang are in Purus Village who have had contact with positive patients before.

“The two families are two people in West Padang District and four people in Kuranji District. Until now, the total number of corona positive in Padang is 25 people,” said Head of Padang City Health Office, Feri Mulyani in Padang, Sunday (12/4/2020).

Meanwhile, one family in Kuranji who is in the Pasar Ambacang sub-district consists of four people, one of whom has a travel history from Jakarta and is the result of an investigation by the Health Office.

Two of the family members who are in Kuranji are currently being treated at the M Djamil Padang Central General Hospital and two are in independent isolation at home, he said.

He said that until now, the number of sub-districts in Padang that were included in the red zone due to positive cases became seven in Andalas Village, two people, Jati five people, Sawahan three people, Kubu Marapalam one person, Mount Pangilun one person, Lubuk Buaya one person, Ikur Koto one person, Kuranji one person.

Then Anduring one person, Lubuk Lintah one person, Tanjung Saba Pitameh one person, Indarung one person and Purus two people.

Responding to this, he again reminded the surrounding community not to panic but to remain vigilant and wear a mask out of the house.

“There is also no need to be afraid of passing in front of positive residents’ houses because the corona virus is not transmitted through the air,” he said.

He explained that the corona lives in its host, namely humans, the virus is in the respiratory tract in fluids, when someone coughs, then cover your mouth with a tissue or handkerchief.

In the past, only toys were made, apparently the withdrawals were valued at Rp. 14 million per kg if they were sold abroad

When you were a child you might often look for this animal named Retreats in the sand area.

Then you will put it in your hand after which it will walk backwards like its name.

Usually these animals live in sand, in the form of small bunkers, to get them we need to stir the sand so that these animals get out of the nest.

However, as an adult, maybe you have forgotten about this animal or maybe today’s children don’t know this animal because they are more busy playing gadgets.

Apparently, this animal is now one of the prey because it is believed to have extraordinary properties.

Withdrawal, this animal insect usually preys on other smaller insects such as ants.

If you are an animal that gets into the sarng it is difficult to escape because it is bitten with its strong jaws.

This animal has now become rare because many people hunt it.

In fact, this animal is now one of the herbal medicines in China and is called very rare.

Several social media platforms and online shops sell these animals at high prices, especially in China.

They sell from 10 grams and contain 69 animals, which means a pound of these animals fetches up to thousands of dollars.

Retreat house.
Retreat house. (Toutiao)

According to a website in Toutiao, about 1 kilogram of this animal is valued at around 7,000 yuan, or about Rp. 14 million.

According to belief, these animals are used as a basis for Chinese medicine, said to have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, spreading phlegm and diuretic.

Also has properties to treat high blood pressure, gallstones, and other diseases.

It can be said that this animal has a strong appeal because of its price and high profits, this animal is now very difficult to find because it is increasingly rare.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, these animals are also believed to have properties to cure various diseases such as asthma, gout, and various types of health problems from mild to severe.

Bridge Collapsed, Rice Carrier Truck for Poor Families Affected by Corona Overthrown

A truck carrying rice aid for poor families in West Kalimantan affected by the corona virus or Covid-19 rolled in the trench in front of the Kunyit River Sub-district Office, Mempawah Regency, West Kalimantan, Sunday (12/4/2020).

Mempawah Police Chief AKBP Tulus Sinaga said the truck loaded with 7 tons of rice was originally going to deliver government assistance to the local community.

“The car collapsed due to the subdistrict head’s office bridge that collapsed, as a result 92 sacks or 920 kilograms of rice fell into the ditch,” said Tulus, Monday (13/4/2020).

The plan is for the trucks to go to a predetermined location for rice distribution in the sub-district.

With a load of up to 7 tonnes, trucks must carefully cross the wooden bridge in front of the sub-district office.

Sure enough, when the truck was in the middle of the bridge, suddenly one side of the wood broke.

“The truck also collapsed and rolled in the middle of a ditch that connected the subdistrict head’s office yard to the main road,” said Tulus.

There were no fatalities in the incident. The truck driver survived and was not injured. Only the truck body rolled into the ditch.

West Kalimantan Governor Sutarmidji said that this assistance was expected to overcome the economic impact of the community due to the corona virus pandemic or Covid-19.

“To all regional heads in West Kalimantan to immediately distribute the rice that will arrive in one or two days,” Sutarmidji told reporters, Tuesday (31/3/2020).

He hopes that the regional head will immediately record its citizens so that the assistance is right on target.

“Maybe there are residents who have not registered or there are people who have been affected by the corona so that they can be immediately distributed,” said Sutarmidji.

Covid-19 Volunteers in Banyumas …ied After Spraying Disinfectants and Distributing Masks

The sad news came from Banyumas, Central Java. A volunteer for the Covid-19 response from the Banyumas Disaster Preparedness Cadets (Tagana) was reported to have …ied on Sunday (12/4/2020).

Tagana coordinator Banyumas Adi Chandra said that the volunteer Tagana on behalf of Mukson (50), a resident of Sunyalangu Village, Karanglewas District, …ied after carrying out humanitarian activities to tackle Covid-19.

“At 08.30 WIB, the deceased carried out spraying activities (disinfectant) and then carried out activities to distribute masks and socialization of Covid-19 prevention with MWC NU Karanglewas,” Adi said via short message, Tuesday (14/4/2020).

In the afternoon, said Adi, the deceased took a break and performed prayers.

Not long after, the deceased vomited and fainted.

The deceased, who was a former head of Sunyalangu Village, was rushed to the hospital by his colleagues.

But when he got to the hospital, he …ied.

“He is one of the Tagana volunteers who is actively carrying out disinfectant activities according to the schedule of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) and the Social and Village Empowerment Service (Dinsospermades),” said Adi.

The Frequency of Staying Up Late While Playing Cellphones, This Man Has Heart Disease! Make this a Lesson!

The man named Z (pseudonym), had stuffy pain in his chest. However, this 19 year old man didn’t really care. Day after day the disease got stronger and load him had to be rushed to the hospital. According to Toutiao on Tuesday (12/2/2019), after arriving at the hospital, Z suffered from acute low myocardial infarction. Liu Zhiyuan, chief doctor of cardiovascular medicine at the Chest Pain Center of the Nanyang Central Hospital, China, was a doctor who also treated him for the first time.

When condition Z is specified. The boy is now stable and no other symptoms remain. Like Z at that age, the family thought he had heart problems, but he didn’t smoke or drink. Meanwhile, Tong’s only unhealthy habit was staying up late and watching the phone. That is one of the causes of the disease, according to Liu Zhiyuan.

When Z learned of his illness, he said, “I won’t stay up late anymore, and wake up early and go to bed early and exercise more.” Please note that myocardial infarction is one of the most dangerous of the five types of coronary heart disease.

This disease has been increasing from year to year and tends to affect men at a younger age. This is none other than the popularity of cell phones, computers and other things like tobacco, alcohol, and schedules that make sleep irregular. There are many factors that cause coronary heart disease and ultimately lead to myocardial infarction.

The doctor said that chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia, obesity and a family history of cardiovascular disease. Is a group of high-risk diseases, on long-term fatigue, nervousness, and massive. Smoking and alcohol abuse are also direct causes of coronary heart disease.

This unhealthy lifestyle is common among young people. So, so that we don’t get fooled, it would be nice to listen to 5 facts about coronary heart disease.

Coronary heart disease can be suffered by young people

Coronary heart disease can also be suffered by young people. Both male and female. Even more so for those who do not pay attention to a healthy lifestyle. For example, like to eat foods high in saturated fat, smoke, and rarely exercise.

Normal body weight and cholesterol levels are not necessarily safe

Make no mistake, many people have heart attacks even though their cholesterol levels are low. In fact, there are also thin people who have heart attacks.

Coronary heart disease is not always hereditary

Coronary heart disease may be inherited. However, if a parent is suffering from CHD, the child may avoid this disease. As long as he lives a healthy life pila. Like keeping obesity and keeping cholesterol levels normal.

Women are more prone to coronary heart disease

When a woman has had a heart attack, her ability to survive is less than that of a man. This is because the blood vessels are smaller, so the possibility of damage is greater.

Vitamin C can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease

The Harvard School of Public Health found that women who took vitamin C more than 369 mg / day had their risk of developing heart disease decreased by almost 30 percent. This is because vitamin C has an important role in preventing the formation of arteriosclerosis. Alias ​​the formation of plaque that sticks to the walls of the blood vessels of the heart.

Hoa Minzy bored fans because of a series of scandals

Referring to Hoa Minzy, the audience will immediately remember a talented female singer of Vpop. Possessing a powerful voice, a humorous personality, but interwoven are the times when Hoa Minzy caused waves because of a series of “heavy” scandals. A series of scandals spanning Hoa Minzy’s career can be mentioned such as: noisy love with Cong Phuong, breaking into the backstage of the show with BTS. But the most memorable are the two scandals that show star attitudes to fans.

Specifically, in the clip shared in October 2018, the head FC of Hoa Minzy had a grumpy, loud attitude towards some fans in the wrong position. Meanwhile, Hoa Minzy stepped out from the car with a rather cold attitude and did not show any interest in the case of FC chief shouting at other fans.

Immediately after that, the audience immediately criticized Hoa Minzy’s attitude, saying that the female singer was suffering from star disease when she ignored everything. Not long after, Hoa Minzy responded on her personal page, claiming that she has never had a star attitude, and apologized to the audience.

Not long ago, the old painting did not settle until the new one came to an end when Hoa Minzy released music products in early January 2019. One fan commented on Hoa Minzy’s products: “When you officially debut, leave a high beat like this and it will definitely become a hit. Don’t change the beat or undercut. “. In response, Hoa Minzy said: “The second time I want to tell you not to teach me what to do”.

Hoa Minzy’s response made the online community extremely outraged, even many fans could not defend it. The female singer’s manager then said that this was just a joke from Hoa Minzy, but the reaction of the audience still did not change much. It was even revealed that a Hoa Minzy fan group on Facebook originally had 3,000 fans, dropped to… 67 people after a series of scandals from the female singer.