Covid-19 Volunteers in Banyumas …ied After Spraying Disinfectants and Distributing Masks

The sad news came from Banyumas, Central Java. A volunteer for the Covid-19 response from the Banyumas Disaster Preparedness Cadets (Tagana) was reported to have …ied on Sunday (12/4/2020).

Tagana coordinator Banyumas Adi Chandra said that the volunteer Tagana on behalf of Mukson (50), a resident of Sunyalangu Village, Karanglewas District, …ied after carrying out humanitarian activities to tackle Covid-19.

“At 08.30 WIB, the deceased carried out spraying activities (disinfectant) and then carried out activities to distribute masks and socialization of Covid-19 prevention with MWC NU Karanglewas,” Adi said via short message, Tuesday (14/4/2020).

In the afternoon, said Adi, the deceased took a break and performed prayers.

Not long after, the deceased vomited and fainted.

The deceased, who was a former head of Sunyalangu Village, was rushed to the hospital by his colleagues.

But when he got to the hospital, he …ied.

“He is one of the Tagana volunteers who is actively carrying out disinfectant activities according to the schedule of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) and the Social and Village Empowerment Service (Dinsospermades),” said Adi.