Her child’s task is too difficult, this one mother’s confession makes netizens laugh!!!

The corona virus outbreak that is currently sweeping the world has resulted in many changes in various fields. Schools and offices were temporarily closed to prevent the spread of the virus more widely.

As a result, work activities that are usually carried out in the office now have to be done from home. Learning activities too. As a result, the teachers have to assign assignments to the students to ensure that they make proper use of this holiday time.

But unexpectedly, the learning activities carried out at home actually caused the parents at home to become inconvenient. Some parents even complain that the task given to their child is too heavy.

A post that went viral after being shared on Twitter social media. The post shows a screenshot of the conversation between the parents of the student and someone suspected of being the student’s homeroom teacher.

In the screenshot, it can be seen if the mother asks that her complaint be conveyed to the teacher in question so as not to give any more troublesome assignments.

“Tell please convey to the teacher concerned,” wrote the parents of students, “he wrote.

“Okay mom. Mom, try using a laptop and using Google Chrome mom,” replied the recipient of the message.

“I want to slam down my laptop. Gradually I ask for psychiatric therapy fees to school. If I’m still being troubled, I don’t want to take care of all my schoolwork. My child’s school is the one that’s bothered me,” wrote the parent. disciple again.

“Be patient mom. Please try again yes mom. Sorry mom, thank you,” replied the recipient of the message.

Unexpectedly, the student’s parents refused to try again.

“I don’t want to try. Thank you,” he replied curtly.

“Sir, you really have to give me homework, don’t bother. Don’t bother. If you want hard love, the teacher makes a video while explaining it to the children. It’s parents who have to explain too. Teachers give me the same tasks. I am a shaman who can immediately understand. Immediately understand the meaning of the teacher’s heart. The teacher is only good at one lesson, I am a housewife who has graduated from school for a long time, I also had no intention of studying in school. -ubun, “complained the student’s parents.

“Okay mom, accommodate yaa,” replied the recipient of the message.

“Disampein sir, don’t just put it in. That’s where the jars can be accommodated. Because of emotions, I got 6 pieces of martabak. If I’m fat, it’s a hassle,” wrote the student’s parent ending the message in the screenshot.

The post also drew many responses from netizens who could not stand the humor of the message.

“I was horrified after the 6 martabak slices,” wrote the @adisatya account.

“Still have time to think about fat,” commented @PissDoeng.

“No, but it’s really true. Those who give their assignments don’t give up work, they just give lots of tasks without being explained first,” added @ Nensy065.

“Wow, a lot of mothers are stressed because of their child’s duties,” tweeted @casteanoz.

“Already starting the emotion, I think everything is like that. The problem is that almost all tasks are more with new themes without prior explanation. So like it or not, parents who want to explain how to do it,” said @ 5adja.