During the Corona Outbreak, the Government Increased PKH Money 25%

The government will increase money for the poor through the Family Hope Program (PKH) by 25% during the corona virus outbreak.

In addition to increasing the amount of money, the government also increased the number of PKH recipients to 10 million recipients, previously 9.2 million recipients. The policy will take effect in April 2020.

“PKH will increase the number of recipient families from 9.2 million to 10 million beneficiary families, while the amount of benefits will be increased by 25%,” said President Jokowi in a video press conference at the Bogor Palace, Tuesday (31/3/2020).

PKH is a program for providing conditional social assistance to Poor Families (KM) that are designated as PKH beneficiary families.

The assistance follows the government’s decision to establish a public health emergency status amid the corona virus outbreak. PKH funds will later be used for pregnant women, early childhood, and with disabilities.

“For example, the component for pregnant women increased from Rp. 2.4 million to Rp. 3 million per year. The component for early childhood was Rp. 3 million per year, the component for disability was Rp. 2.4 million per year and this policy is effective starting April 2020,” he said.

Jokowi will also provide a basic food card. The government, said Jokowi, has increased the number of recipients of basic food assistance from 15.2 million to 20 million. The basic food card assistance will be given for nine months.

The Last Patient Heals, Now Aceh is Not Treating Positive Corona

The COVID-19 corona virus patient with the initials AJ who was treated at the Zainoel Abidin Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Banda Aceh was declared cured. That way there are no more COVID-19 positive patients being treated in the province nicknamed Tanah Rencong.

“Yes, it is negative (patient) AJ, this afternoon we just received the results,” said Deputy Director of Services at RSUD Zainoel Abidin, Dr. Endang Mutiawati, quoting Antara, Sunday (12/4).

He explained that the COVID-19 patient was declared cured after the results of AJ’s fourth throat swab from the PIC Laboratory of the Ministry of Health’s Balitbangkes in Jakarta.

According to him, AJ’s immunity had grown compared to the three other positive COVID-19 patients in Aceh who had recovered earlier, because AJ had a history of other diseases, so AJ’s fourth swab just came out negative for COVID-19.

“His immunity has grown late compared to people with no DM (diabetes mellitus). We plan to send him home as soon as possible,” he said.

Now, said Endang, there are no more patients related to COVID-19 in the respiratory intensive care unit (RICU), only one patient is under surveillance (PDP) who is treated in a normal isolation room.

“Another one (PDP) is waiting for the results of the swab as well. Alhamdulillah, today nothing has gotten more positive (COVID-19) in Aceh,” he said.

To note, there are five positive COVID-19 patients in the westernmost province of Indonesia, four of whom have recovered, and one other person died during PDP status, before being confirmed positive.

Bridge Collapsed, Rice Carrier Truck for Poor Families Affected by Corona Overthrown

A truck carrying rice aid for poor families in West Kalimantan affected by the corona virus or Covid-19 rolled in the trench in front of the Kunyit River Sub-district Office, Mempawah Regency, West Kalimantan, Sunday (12/4/2020).

Mempawah Police Chief AKBP Tulus Sinaga said the truck loaded with 7 tons of rice was originally going to deliver government assistance to the local community.

“The car collapsed due to the subdistrict head’s office bridge that collapsed, as a result 92 sacks or 920 kilograms of rice fell into the ditch,” said Tulus, Monday (13/4/2020).

The plan is for the trucks to go to a predetermined location for rice distribution in the sub-district.

With a load of up to 7 tonnes, trucks must carefully cross the wooden bridge in front of the sub-district office.

Sure enough, when the truck was in the middle of the bridge, suddenly one side of the wood broke.

“The truck also collapsed and rolled in the middle of a ditch that connected the subdistrict head’s office yard to the main road,” said Tulus.

There were no fatalities in the incident. The truck driver survived and was not injured. Only the truck body rolled into the ditch.

West Kalimantan Governor Sutarmidji said that this assistance was expected to overcome the economic impact of the community due to the corona virus pandemic or Covid-19.

“To all regional heads in West Kalimantan to immediately distribute the rice that will arrive in one or two days,” Sutarmidji told reporters, Tuesday (31/3/2020).

He hopes that the regional head will immediately record its citizens so that the assistance is right on target.

“Maybe there are residents who have not registered or there are people who have been affected by the corona so that they can be immediately distributed,” said Sutarmidji.