Why Your Friends in High School Will Be Your True Friends Forever

Three years in high school is one of the most beautiful periods of our lives. We were very young then, though arrogant enough to believe that we were so mature. Your overflowing enthusiasm at this time is always supported by people who you call friends. They know you inside out, and you know them like brothers.

Your friendship has gone through many beautiful moments, both the joys, sorrows, and silliness of teenagers. No wonder you are still in a good relationship until now. Even sometimes, in between each other’s busyness, you still take the time to just hang out and laugh at funny stories from the past. But, have you ever asked why they are still there in your heart today? Why can your relationship with friends in high school be maintained?

Maybe, here are some reasons why the best friends you met in high school will be your true friends forever:

  1. You and them grew up together. From junior high school kids who barely know anything, you guys have become more mature individuals

It was with your high school friends that you grew up together. Experiencing various teen turmoil such as falling in love, studying, organizing, all the high school romance you experienced with them. Even though you were only together for 3 years at the same school, you were able to develop rapidly into a much more mature person at the end of your school days. Even you who were innocent for 3 years have become not as innocent as before. It is with them that you feel the true meaning of friendship.

  1. Your friends from high school were by your side when you broke your heart for the first time

At that time, you were young and inexperienced about romance. Once upon a time there was a time when you felt a painful heartbreak that was the first time you experienced it. But your high school friends are always by your side and helping you through that time. They do not hesitate to comfort you and give you a place to lean on. Your beautiful friendship has succeeded in making you forget the pain that has hit. They can always make you strong, no matter what.

  1. They are friends who never judge you. However “naughty” you are, they still accept you for who you are

You and they have had that wonderful time together. They know everything about you, your good and your bad. But they are people who are always open to always accept you as you are. When other people judge you and think you are not good, they are the ones who still embrace you regardless of the situation.

  1. It is your friendship with them that fosters a sense of pride in your hometown

You have had a heyday in your friendship, that’s when you found happiness. The sense of pride in your friendship also fosters a sense of pride in your hometown. Not only that, you are also proud of where you go to school. You find a deep and meaningful sense of belonging to that city that has stored various memories of your old school days.