During the Corona Outbreak, the Government Increased PKH Money 25%

The government will increase money for the poor through the Family Hope Program (PKH) by 25% during the corona virus outbreak.

In addition to increasing the amount of money, the government also increased the number of PKH recipients to 10 million recipients, previously 9.2 million recipients. The policy will take effect in April 2020.

“PKH will increase the number of recipient families from 9.2 million to 10 million beneficiary families, while the amount of benefits will be increased by 25%,” said President Jokowi in a video press conference at the Bogor Palace, Tuesday (31/3/2020).

PKH is a program for providing conditional social assistance to Poor Families (KM) that are designated as PKH beneficiary families.

The assistance follows the government’s decision to establish a public health emergency status amid the corona virus outbreak. PKH funds will later be used for pregnant women, early childhood, and with disabilities.

“For example, the component for pregnant women increased from Rp. 2.4 million to Rp. 3 million per year. The component for early childhood was Rp. 3 million per year, the component for disability was Rp. 2.4 million per year and this policy is effective starting April 2020,” he said.

Jokowi will also provide a basic food card. The government, said Jokowi, has increased the number of recipients of basic food assistance from 15.2 million to 20 million. The basic food card assistance will be given for nine months.

Her child’s task is too difficult, this one mother’s confession makes netizens laugh!!!

The corona virus outbreak that is currently sweeping the world has resulted in many changes in various fields. Schools and offices were temporarily closed to prevent the spread of the virus more widely.

As a result, work activities that are usually carried out in the office now have to be done from home. Learning activities too. As a result, the teachers have to assign assignments to the students to ensure that they make proper use of this holiday time.

But unexpectedly, the learning activities carried out at home actually caused the parents at home to become inconvenient. Some parents even complain that the task given to their child is too heavy.

A post that went viral after being shared on Twitter social media. The post shows a screenshot of the conversation between the parents of the student and someone suspected of being the student’s homeroom teacher.

In the screenshot, it can be seen if the mother asks that her complaint be conveyed to the teacher in question so as not to give any more troublesome assignments.

“Tell please convey to the teacher concerned,” wrote the parents of students, “he wrote.

“Okay mom. Mom, try using a laptop and using Google Chrome mom,” replied the recipient of the message.

“I want to slam down my laptop. Gradually I ask for psychiatric therapy fees to school. If I’m still being troubled, I don’t want to take care of all my schoolwork. My child’s school is the one that’s bothered me,” wrote the parent. disciple again.

“Be patient mom. Please try again yes mom. Sorry mom, thank you,” replied the recipient of the message.

Unexpectedly, the student’s parents refused to try again.

“I don’t want to try. Thank you,” he replied curtly.

“Sir, you really have to give me homework, don’t bother. Don’t bother. If you want hard love, the teacher makes a video while explaining it to the children. It’s parents who have to explain too. Teachers give me the same tasks. I am a shaman who can immediately understand. Immediately understand the meaning of the teacher’s heart. The teacher is only good at one lesson, I am a housewife who has graduated from school for a long time, I also had no intention of studying in school. -ubun, “complained the student’s parents.

“Okay mom, accommodate yaa,” replied the recipient of the message.

“Disampein sir, don’t just put it in. That’s where the jars can be accommodated. Because of emotions, I got 6 pieces of martabak. If I’m fat, it’s a hassle,” wrote the student’s parent ending the message in the screenshot.

The post also drew many responses from netizens who could not stand the humor of the message.

“I was horrified after the 6 martabak slices,” wrote the @adisatya account.

“Still have time to think about fat,” commented @PissDoeng.

“No, but it’s really true. Those who give their assignments don’t give up work, they just give lots of tasks without being explained first,” added @ Nensy065.

“Wow, a lot of mothers are stressed because of their child’s duties,” tweeted @casteanoz.

“Already starting the emotion, I think everything is like that. The problem is that almost all tasks are more with new themes without prior explanation. So like it or not, parents who want to explain how to do it,” said @ 5adja.

Pray more, the government chooses randomly who can participate in pre-work

Program Kartu Pra Kerja digandrungi masyarakat yang ingin menjadi peserta. Namun, seperti apa kriteria dan penilaian pemerintah kepada peserta yang bisa mendapatkan program kartu pra kerja ini?

Direktur Komunikasi Manajemen Pelaksana Prakerja, Panji Winanteya Ruky mengatakan kriteria yang bisa menjadi peserta program kartu pra kerja adalah mereka warga negara Indonesia (WNI), berusia di atas 18 tahun dan tidak sedang menempuh pendidikan formal.

Calon peserta program kartu pra kerja juga harus mendaftarkan dirinya melalui situs resmi www.prakerja.go.id. Selain itu, harus mengikuti tes motivasi dan kemampuan dasar.

Adapun kata Panji pemilihan peserta akan dipilih secara acak oleh sistem yang dimiliki pemerintah dalam menjalankan program kartu pra kerja. Yang kemudian, penilaian lolos atau tidaknya peserta program kartu pra kerja akan dikoordinasikan dengan Kementerian Ketenagakerjaan (Kemnaker) RI.

“Pemilihan [peserta] oleh sistem secara random/acak. Untuk pekerja yang terdampak PHK atau kehilangan pekerjaan, syarat dan ketentuan pendataan dari Kemnaker. NIK yang sudah diusulkan oleh Kemnaker akan didahulukan,” jelas Panji kepada CNBC Indonesia, Senin (13/4/2020).

Sejak diumumkan pada 11 April 2020 lalu, sampai saat ini, kata Panji jumlah peserta yang mendaftar program kartu pra kerja terus bertambah. Setidaknya sudah ada hampir 2 juta peserta yang mendaftar.

Beberapa masyarakat bahkan mengakui kesulitan untuk mendaftarkan diri di situs www.prakerja.go.id. Rata-rata, mereka kesulitan untuk mengunggah foto KTP dan swa fotonya.

“Sudah ratusan ribu yang sukses mendaftar. Tapi memang animo masyarakat untuk mendaftar sangat tinggi, hampir 2 juta sejak dibuka hari Sabtu malam [11 April 2020]. Dan terus bertambah,” jelas Panji.

Kendati demikian, hal itu tidak membuat pemerintah untuk menutup pendaftaran, sampai saat ini, pendaftaran masih terbuka dan tidak dibatasi.

“Pendaftaran terus terbuk dan tidak dibatasi. Bisa bergabung ke gelombang selanjutnya jika belum berhasil masuk,” tuturnya.

To my relief, the peak of the Corona Virus will end quickly, the government takes this decisive step

The BUMN Ministry brought in a sophisticated swab test kit from Switzerland which made the detection of the Corona Virus faster by many times.

The corona virus outbreak continues to increase in Indonesia.

Reported by Covid19.go.id, until Sunday (12/4/2020), the total positive cases of the corona virus in Indonesia reached 4,241 cases.

Of these cases, 373 patients were declared dead and 359 patients were declared cured.

Now a total of 3,509 cases are being treated.

Although now there are many cases in Indonesia, experts say that the peak of Covid-19 has not yet happened.

Some predict the end of April to early June 2020.

This is due to a new and decisive breakthrough from the Indonesian government to reduce the spread of this corona virus.

Researchers previously explained that the peak of the Coronavirus or covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia will occur in mid-2020.

However, this prediction could change due to the breakthroughs made by BUMN ranks under the leadership of Erick Thohir.

The BUMN Ministry brought in a sophisticated swab test kit from Switzerland which made the detection of the Corona Virus faster by many times.

The Last Patient Heals, Now Aceh is Not Treating Positive Corona

The COVID-19 corona virus patient with the initials AJ who was treated at the Zainoel Abidin Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Banda Aceh was declared cured. That way there are no more COVID-19 positive patients being treated in the province nicknamed Tanah Rencong.

“Yes, it is negative (patient) AJ, this afternoon we just received the results,” said Deputy Director of Services at RSUD Zainoel Abidin, Dr. Endang Mutiawati, quoting Antara, Sunday (12/4).

He explained that the COVID-19 patient was declared cured after the results of AJ’s fourth throat swab from the PIC Laboratory of the Ministry of Health’s Balitbangkes in Jakarta.

According to him, AJ’s immunity had grown compared to the three other positive COVID-19 patients in Aceh who had recovered earlier, because AJ had a history of other diseases, so AJ’s fourth swab just came out negative for COVID-19.

“His immunity has grown late compared to people with no DM (diabetes mellitus). We plan to send him home as soon as possible,” he said.

Now, said Endang, there are no more patients related to COVID-19 in the respiratory intensive care unit (RICU), only one patient is under surveillance (PDP) who is treated in a normal isolation room.

“Another one (PDP) is waiting for the results of the swab as well. Alhamdulillah, today nothing has gotten more positive (COVID-19) in Aceh,” he said.

To note, there are five positive COVID-19 patients in the westernmost province of Indonesia, four of whom have recovered, and one other person died during PDP status, before being confirmed positive.

PKH Social Assistance Recipients Get Double, This Month Special

The government added social assistance funds (bansos) for the Family of Hope Program (PKH) worth IDR 8 trillion to reduce the economic and social impacts of the corona virus pandemic. For PKH recipients, this means that the funds received this month have doubled.

The Director General of Budget at the Ministry of Finance, Askolani, explained that the government decided to increase the social assistance funds received by each individual in the beneficiary family, in addition to increasing the number of recipients from 9.2 million to 10 million.

“This is to support the handling of social assistance to the people who are included in government programs,” he said, Wednesday (8/4).

Because of this policy, the PKH budget ceiling allocated by the Ministry of Finance increased from Rp29.13 trillion to Rp37.4 trillion. So, the PKH disbursement which was originally given four times a year, namely January, April, July, and October, has also increased especially this month.

“PKH will be expanded for an additional quarter (three months). Especially this April, one month of disbursement is added, so that the benefits received by PKH families in the second quarter will be double,” explained Askolani.

He continued that the disbursement with a double nominal value this month will be carried out by the Ministry of Social Affairs as the program implementing technical ministry. “This can be implemented by the Ministry of Social Affairs,” he added.

Meanwhile, in detail, funds for pregnant women have increased from IDR 3 million to IDR 3.75 million per year, children under 6 years of age from IDR 3 million to IDR 3.75 million per year, and children with elementary education from IDR 900 thousand to IDR 1.25 million. per year.

Then, junior high school students from Rp. 1.5 million to Rp1.87 million per year, high school students from Rp. 2 million to Rp. 2.5 million, disabilities from Rp. 2.4 million to Rp. 3 million and the elderly from Rp. 2.4 million to Rp. 3 million.

Not only increasing the PKH budget, the government is also raising funds for Basic Food Cards in order to reduce the economic impact of the corona pandemic. The nominal benefit fund will be increased from IDR 150 thousand to IDR 200 thousand per month per family.

The number of recipients also increased by 4.8 million from 15.2 million to 20 million recipients. The government also extended the duration of disbursement of funds from six months to nine months.

“This means that up to the end of this year additional benefits will be given up to Rp. 200 thousand. This covers up to 25 percent of the middle to lower class people so that they can help fulfill their basic needs,” he said.

Disbursement of funds will continue through four state-owned banks, namely Bank Mandiri, BNI, BRI, and BTN.

Furthermore, Askolation revealed that this policy raised the budget ceiling from Rp.28 trillion to Rp.43.6 trillion.

Overall, the expansion of recipients of these two social assistance programs has included the provision of special government social protection incentives for handling the corona pandemic with an accumulation of up to Rp110 trillion.

Social protection incentives will also be provided through the distribution of free electricity and a 50 percent discount, as well as a pre-employment card.

Official! KUR customers with credit installments for 6 months

The government, through the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy (Kemenko Ekonomi), has finally officially waived interest payments and postponement of the principal installments of People’s Business Credit (KUR), for businesses affected by the corona virus (Covid-19) for a maximum of 6 months.

The exemption from interest payments and postponement of KUR principal payments will also be followed by relaxation of the KUR provisions by providing an extension of the term and additional ceilings.

This policy was decided at the MSME Financing Committee Coordination Meeting (Coordination) on Wednesday (8/4/2020). The coordination meeting was chaired by the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs as Chair of the UMKM Financing Committee, and was attended by the Minister of Cooperatives and MSMEs, the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, and the Minister of Manpower.

In addition, there were also the Minister of Industry, Minister of Trade, Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia, Deputy Chairman of OJK, Head of BPKP and Echelon 1 officials representing the minister as members of the UMKM Financing Committee.

“This policy comes into effect on April 1, 2020. Those who will receive interest exemption and postponement of KUR principal installment payments for a maximum of 6 months, must fulfill the assessment of their respective KUR distributors,” said Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto after a meeting via video conference, in Jakarta. , Wednesday (8/4/2020).

This decision is a follow-up to the decision of the Limited Ministerial Meeting on March 20, 2020, in which the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has emphasized that a postponement of principal and interest payments has been imposed for all KUR schemes affected by Covid-19 for 6 months.

This is further strengthened by the Financial Services Authority Regulation (POJK) Number 11 / POJK.03 / 2020, which, among other things, states that credit or financing restructuring is carried out on credit or financing given before or after the debtor is affected by the spread of Covid-19, including debtors. UMKM.

Airlangga said, for existing KUR debtors who were affected by Covid-19, they would be given relaxation of the KUR restructuring provisions with a policy to extend the KUR period, and / or a policy to increase the KUR ceiling limit (especially for non-Production KUR Small and Micro KUR debtors).

Meanwhile, for new KUR debtor candidates, they will be given relaxation to fulfill the administrative requirements for KUR application, such as a business license, taxpayer identification number (NPWP), and additional collateral documents. All documents are temporarily suspended until conditions permit. They can also access KUR online.

The criteria for KUR recipients who receive special treatment are as follows:

General Terms:

(a) Credit quality as of 29 February 2020, namely:
(i) collectability of performing loans (collectability 1 and 2) and not currently in the restructuring period; or
(ii) collectability of performing loans (collectability of 1 and 2) and during the restructuring period, a stimulus can be given on condition that the restructuring runs smoothly in accordance with the restructuring PK and does not have arrears of interest on funds or principal; and
(b) Be cooperative and have good faith.

Special Terms:

KUR recipients reduce the decline in business due to at least one of the conditions such as:
(a) The business location is in the Covid-19 affected area announced by the local government;
(b) There has been a decrease in income or turnover due to interference with Covid-19; and
(c) There was a disruption to the production process due to the impact of Covid-19.

The Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs noted that the total accumulated KUR distribution from August 2015 to February 29 2020 was IDR 507.00 trillion.

The outstanding was recorded at IDR165.30 trillion and the ratio of Non-Performing Loans (NPL) or non-performing loans was 1.19%. KUR disbursement as of February 29, 2020 has reached IDR 35.00 trillion or 18.42% of the 2020 target of IDR 190 trillion.

The portion of KUR distribution in the production sector (non-trade) until February 29, 2020 is 57.30% or IDR 20.05 trillion. The highest distribution of KUR to the production sector is the agricultural sector (28%), services (16%), and the manufacturing industry (11%).

Previously, the Minister of Finance (Menkeu) Sri Mulyani Indrawati emphasized that as many as 11.9 million micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and 22,000 TKI (Indonesian workers) would get KUR principal and interest postponement facilities.

Not only that, Sri Mulyani emphasized that the relaxation was also for agricultural sector credit, and postponement of installments and interest for Ultra Micro Financing (UMi) and Mekaar loans.

UMi is an advanced stage program from a social assistance program to business independence that targets micro-enterprises at the lowest level, which cannot yet be facilitated by banks through the KUR program. The Mekaar program is a business capital loan for underprivileged women managed by PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (Persero) or PMN.

Embracing Each Other, Without Plastic Covered Bed, Two Orphans Sleeping In The ATM Room

Two children were seen sleeping barefoot, covered in plastic. The two of them are seen hugging each other. To the point of attention, the two children slept in the ATM booth.

The photos attracted the attention of netizens after being uploaded by Maulana Ishak’s account in the Indonesian Muslim Community Group on Saturday (14/10/2017) yesterday.

I got information from one of my friends. Delivered last night my friend met the 2 children who were sleeping at the GALUR CEMPAKA PUTIH gas station ATM where my friend was shopping for ingredients. Both of these children turned out to be orphans of their father and they died due to illness. Then my friend invited these two children to an orphanage. But these children refused because they wanted to earn money on the street by collecting empty bottles & used cardboard boxes .. What an unfortunate fate these two children are..the younger siblings are 4thn and the older brother is 7 years old. Hopefully there are friends who are around or are stopping around, maybe they can share with these less fortunate children.

Wife hysterical when invited by husband to shop, money Rp. 29 million in motorcycle seats disappeared

A resident named Gunadi (51) in Mojokerto, East Java, lost tens of millions of rupiah that had just been taken by a bank.

The incident began when the victim rode with his wife and child shopping at a minimarket last Wednesday (8/4/2020). Before shopping, Gunadi took Rp. 29 million from Bank BCA Mojosari, Mojokerto Regency.

As reported by Beritajatim.com, Gunadi put tens of millions of money on the motorcycle seat. But unexpectedly, the money that was in the seat of the Honda Scoopy motorbike nopol S 5618 NAQ was not there when his wife was about to take it.

The victim admitted that he had just entered the minimarket for about 5 minutes and his wife intended to take money to pay for groceries. However, the Rp 29 million that had just been taken from the bank was not in the seat of the motorbike which was parked in front of the Jalan Pemuda minimarket, Seduri Village, Mojosari District.

“Around 10.00 WIB, I stopped by the minimarket after leaving the bank. The money that I just took from the bank, amounting to Rp.29 million, I put my seat and I walked in about 5 minutes to the minimarket. I knew that the money was lost after my wife shouted when she wanted to take the money, ”he said, Saturday (11/4/2020).

It is suspected that the perpetrator was quite professional, because the victim admitted that he only entered the minimarket for about 5 minutes. It is suspected that the perpetrators had been following the victim at the bank so that the perpetrators knew where the money was kept by the victim. After the incident, the victim immediately reported to the Mojosari Police Headquarters.

“Yes, it could be (the perpetrators were following). Come to think of it, why did the perpetrator even know, if we had money in our motorcycle seats. So, my suspicion is that it has been being followed since we took the money from the bank. After the incident, I immediately reported to the Mojosari Police, “he said.

Separately, the Head of Sub-Section for Public Relations at Mojokerto Police, Ipda Tri Hidayati confirmed that there were reports from victims.

“We are still investigating. We are still asking for statements from witnesses. Including looking for CCTV footage,” he said.

Returning from Jakarta, 1 Person Spread Coronavirus to All Family in Padang

A total of six residents of Padang, West Sumatra from two families were confirmed positive for the corona virus disease (COVID-19). So that until now the number of positive patients is 25 people.

Two positives who are in West Padang are in Purus Village who have had contact with positive patients before.

“The two families are two people in West Padang District and four people in Kuranji District. Until now, the total number of corona positive in Padang is 25 people,” said Head of Padang City Health Office, Feri Mulyani in Padang, Sunday (12/4/2020).

Meanwhile, one family in Kuranji who is in the Pasar Ambacang sub-district consists of four people, one of whom has a travel history from Jakarta and is the result of an investigation by the Health Office.

Two of the family members who are in Kuranji are currently being treated at the M Djamil Padang Central General Hospital and two are in independent isolation at home, he said.

He said that until now, the number of sub-districts in Padang that were included in the red zone due to positive cases became seven in Andalas Village, two people, Jati five people, Sawahan three people, Kubu Marapalam one person, Mount Pangilun one person, Lubuk Buaya one person, Ikur Koto one person, Kuranji one person.

Then Anduring one person, Lubuk Lintah one person, Tanjung Saba Pitameh one person, Indarung one person and Purus two people.

Responding to this, he again reminded the surrounding community not to panic but to remain vigilant and wear a mask out of the house.

“There is also no need to be afraid of passing in front of positive residents’ houses because the corona virus is not transmitted through the air,” he said.

He explained that the corona lives in its host, namely humans, the virus is in the respiratory tract in fluids, when someone coughs, then cover your mouth with a tissue or handkerchief.